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Ceramic tiles provide a versatile tiling solution that comes in a huge range of colours and designs, and still providing a durable structure. These easy to clean tiles are great for kitchens and bathrooms, particularly if they are glazed ceramic tiles, as they aren’t affected by water or stains, which in turn make them very easy to clean and keeps away bacteria.

An extremely affordable option when looking for tiling work, ceramic tiles can provide many different styles, colours and textures without breaking the bank. Although not as strong as natural stone or porcelain tiles, its affordability and maintenance free nature makes it a very viable choice for many areas of the home. Ceramic tiles are more at risk to cracking but if a tile does crack from an impact, you can replace that tile with ease if you keep some spares.

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Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are becoming more and more popular in homes and are often being referred to as the new and improved ceramic tile. With a higher quality finish than a ceramic tile, and with higher durability too.

Natural Stone

Rustic, stylish, fashionable and sourced from all around the world; Natural Stone tiles come in a variety of materials that are suitable for many different applications.

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“Jamie and the team worked hard and kept to their time scale. We are more than happy with the finished product and would highly recommend them. Good work guys!! ”

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