Natural Stone

Tiling with Natural Stone

Rustic, stylish, fashionable and sourced from all around the world; Natural Stone tiles come in a variety of materials that are suitable for many different applications.  Suitable for use inside and outside your home, natural stone tiles can be used for your flooring or walls to provide a unique look and texture to your home.

Natural stone tiles are also very hard wearing, and with their durability comes versatility, providing a finish that, with the correct maintenance, could last for tens of years to come.

From marble, granite, and slate tiles to travertine, terracotta and limestone tiles, there are a huge variety of materials to choose from with positives and negatives to each:


Marble Stone

Marble stone tiles provide a beautiful glossy look thanks to their crystallised properties and smoothly polished finish. Although they do require a protective sealant which must be reapplied regularly, they are some of the most aesthetically pleasing tiles to use in your home. Marble tiles are vulnerable to staining so any spillages must be cleaned up immediately to avoid any lasting damage.


Granite Stone

Often used in kitchens for flooring because of its very durable nature, granite stone tiles provide a very hard wearing, long-lasting surface for those areas of the home that see a lot of use. As a quartz-based stone, its look is very granular and like marble, no two tiles will look the same, giving a unique finish. Granite tiles are also stain resistant and resistant to moisture, although will require sealing if used in rooms that will see a lot of moisture. Granite’s hard composition means that the surface must be entirely level when applying the tiles and have the strength to support the weight of the tiles; otherwise they are likely to crack.


Slate Stone

Slate tiles have a slightly duller finish than other natural stone tiles, but can be significantly cheaper too. Slate stone tiles are great for bathrooms as they provide a non-slip flooring surface to give a safe environment underfoot. Coming in a variety of colours, slate tiles give a rustic-chic look that suits both modern and traditional styles. Although highly durable, slate tiles, much like granite tiles, can crack if laid on an uneven surface or if heavy objects are dropped. It is very important that slate tiles are sealed as soon as they are installed to avoid them flaking or peeling.


Travertine Stone

Similar to marble in its formation, travertine stone tiles have been used for thousands of years. Being a porous stone, they require sealing before and after installation to ensure they are fully protected. Travertine is much softer than other stone types which makes them more prone to wear as well as stains, but does make for a softer surface to step on if comfort is what you’re looking for.



This hard wearing stone makes it very suitable for areas that see a lot of footfall. Their worn look means that they age well and create a rustic finish to your home.

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